Association Management Group

RISE, the association management group that stepped out of the box.

This is the tale of an association management group in Houston by the name of RISE, and how they stepped out of the box to bring association management to a whole new level. RISE did something unheard of this day and age; instead of diversifying their clientele, they targeted in on a very specific group, condominiums. Therefore, when it comes to association management groups in the Houston area, there are no comparisons between the level of expertise and service RISE provides and their competitors.

The association management group difference-how RISE identify it?

When RISE, looked at association management they did what any good association management group would do; they identified the challenges; identified what worked; and identified what was missing. Yes, I said they identified what worked; because let’s face it any good business person knows, if it isn’t broken and there is nothing to be gained in change, leave it alone!

The results RISE built on as an association management group.

RISE found that you can’t be everything to everyone in the association management group business; to do it right, you must specialize. Lucky for you, they chose the condominium market. So, that’s all they do, they are THE association management group for condos.

They found that is takes a very diverse set of skills to properly run an association management group for condominiums; people who are the very best in their respective fields. They knew that no condominium property could afford to have every one of these skill sets on staff unless they were sharing resources. So, RISE hired people with these skills and as a part of your custom management package you can decide which are a must have for you. This model can be inclusive of shared maintenance staff; office staff, etc. Why pay for what you don’t need.

They found that most association management groups were not serving the condo market as it should be. There was limited oversight and almost negligible long-range planning. RISE combines the power of their financial staff with their facility maintenance staff to review all systems in your community and develop a long-range capital plan utilizing reserve funds to protect your property against critical failures and unexpected assessments. In short, they develop a roadmap and a contingency plan to protect your investment.

Does your association management group know the importance of professional training?

Your home is your largest investment, does your association management group have staff that is professionally trained to manage it? At RISE, there is no doubt about the value of professionally trained staff to makes a difference. So, from the professionally trained onsite management team who manages the day to day operation of your community to the legal, financial and facility management power offsite, RISE has you covered.

Step outside the association management group box with RISE.

Come outside the box with RISE. Let RISE put its progressive association management group model to work for you. Explore the RISE difference at or request a quote by contacting RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected]. Condominium management that increases your value and living experience daily.