Houston Condo Management

If you’re like most condos, maintenance has to be one of your main priorities. Would you be shocked to hear that it might be one of your management company’s biggest weakness? Here’s the problem.

It’s likely your condominium management company acts as a dispatcher versus a doer. When you look at Rise Association Management Group vs. the other association management companies, managing the maintenance for your property is a distraction. This might make sense when you also consider most management companies focus their growth on single-family HOAs where maintenance planning is far less of an issue.

The problems with current management

Here is the process in which most of your maintenance is likely being handled by your current management company.

  • Issue comes up (usually either by the board or an owner)
  • Manager thumbs through their vendor network to solicit bids
    (first one to call back usually gets the job)
  • Board reviews/approves the proposal
  • Contractor completes the job
  • Board inspects/verifies work is complete

Here’s the problem with this scenario

Out of those activities how many was your property manager involved with? One. All they did was play dispatch with your vendors. Where’s the value in that?