Hurricane Harvey clean up volunteers

Volunteers at covered bridge. Helping hundreds of people get back into their homes after Hurricane Harvey

Scheduled Water Release from Major Houston Dams

There are concerns about the scheduled water releases from major House Dams in an effort to help prevent uncontrollable flooding in the Houston-metropolitan area cause by torrential rain from Tropical Strom Harvey, the Army Corps of Engineers begins to release water from the Addicks and Barker reservoirs. Rise Association Management Group prepares for what might be in store for some of their condominium communities located within the vicinity of Buffalo Bayou.

Houston officials project thousands of residents to be impacted by this scheduled release. The map below provides an overview of anticipated water levels.

Many of Rise’s communities are located within this area and are expected to encounter unprecedented flooding. Owners from Marlborough Square Townhomes, located just south of Buffalo Bayou on Wilcrest Drive, are keeping a close eye on the scheduled water release.

Rise Association Management Group will be ready to dispatch a recovery team to this community if water levels reach historic levels.

For more information visit the news report on ABC NEWS



Harvey Insurance Claims Head Start

Get a head start on Harvey insurance claims for your community

Houston area condominium owners and HOA’s are still not clear from the flooding aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey; however, Rise Association Management Group recommends getting started early on filing Harvey insurance claims for any known losses. John Elmore, Managing Partner for Rise Association Management Group, recommends reporting a claim to your insurance agent as soon as possible.

“Report the claim as soon as you can” offers Elmore. “Insurance carriers will be swamped with activity in the coming days. Getting a 24-hour jump on the process could position your community on a fast track towards closure”


Rise offers a few essential steps to get you started:


Step 1

Contact your management company to have them pull a copy of your current policy (flood, wind, etc.). There should be a claim reporting number listed on the declaration page of the policy. Your Property Manager should reach out to this number and let them know you would like to open a claim on behalf of the insured. The carrier will need to assign and adjuster for the claim. Make sure you document the claim number as well as the adjuster’s name and contact information if one is provided.

Step 2

Protect the undamaged property as soon as possible. Examples of this could include:
Contact a roofer repair any damaged portions which could potentially lead to excess water/moisture getting inside the building;
Board any doors/windows that may have been damaged;
Remove any large/bulky debris which may cause damage to other property;
Contact a remediation company to dispatch a team to begin water extraction or temporary clean-up.

Step 3

Begin creating heavy documentation to support the claim. This would include photo and written summary evidence of both exterior and interior affected areas of the property. Make sure the photos clearly indicate which building/units were affected as well as interior photos showing the height of the water (if flooded). Document the process before, during, and after any short-term remediation/repairs are made.

The idea here is to paint a vivid picture for the adjuster as it’s likely some of the initial work will be done before an actual physical inspection is performed. Any work being done prior to the adjuster reviewing it should be very detailed. Most restoration companies should will likely know this but make sure to clarify with whoever you send out. Do not do any permanent repairs until the adjuster has had a change to inspect the damage.

Step 4

Begin filing your supporting information into a claim folder for your community. You’ll thank yourself down the road when the adjuster is looking for more information. Use this folder for all receipts, invoices, pictures, and written statements.

Once the adjuster is assigned, they’ll work with your Management Company to help navigate the rest of the claim and the repair process.

Contact us here at RISE if you have any questions

Surviving Harvey… Tips from RISE Association Management in Houston

The time for planning for #HurricaneHarvey is past; according to RISE association management in Houston it’s all about survival and what to do and what not to do now.

What to expect…

Anyone in association management in Houston will confirm that the greatest risk during these types of events are:
• Flooding
• Tornadoes
• Excessive wind

Association management in Houston suggest these steps to survive…

As you are hunkering down and the storm moves closer inland the rains will increase significantly and the wind will increase substantially. Best advice of association management in Houston, “Stay inside and monitor your weather radio.” People fail to realize that at 40 mph on a wet road, your car is no longer making solid contact with the road. They also fail to realize that it really doesn’t take much water running over a road to wash a vehicle away.

The wind isn’t just a danger while you’re in your vehicle, consider the danger getting to your vehicle. Simple objects become deadly projectiles as they are picked up by the wind and hurled here and there. Consider how bad you really need to leave.

Stay connected; keep your phone, tablet and portable computer charged. Remember, when these devices fail and they may during a hurricane, a battery-operated weather radio is a great investment. Many will lose power during this storm and staying aware of conditions is imperative to survival. These little inexpensive radios may very well be the most valuable purchase you will make. Don’t forget to have additional batteries.

Candles vs flashlights; they both serve a purpose in a storm according to association management in Houston. Save those flashlights for times when you need that blaring light to see, use candles for just safety lighting. The candles will most likely last longer and those batteries in that flashlight may come in valuable later.

Most important advice from association management in Houston is:

If you are told to evacuate, don’t argue, don’t take your time to google it, just GO!

By staying in a dangerous situation, you only endanger your life and that of the first responders who will have to go and rescue you. Seriously, the department of emergency management and your association management in Houston is not doing to suggest you evacuate unless it is really necessary.

After the storm passes…

After a hurricane passes, don’t be in a huge rush to get outside; dangers will be lurking from downed power lines, damaged building and roads, etc. Let your association management in Houston and the proper authorities get an assessment of the damage and dangers first.

Be a helper, don’t hinder recovery. In any disaster, according to association management in Houston you see the true heart of people; you see communities come together and people helping people recover. Be a helper, don’t hider the efforts by complaining. There are priorities to any recovery and if you don’t have the whole picture you don’t really know what is highest on the list. Listen and help.

Want to more about how association management in Houston prepares and protects you and your investment, call RISE. Explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected]

To our friends and neighbors in Houston, and the association management in Houston charged with their safety, our prayers are going out for you.

Hurricane Prep for Harvey in Houston

Tis’ the season, for condo management in Houston… And I don’t mean Christmas. Hurricane prep season brings unwanted visitors like Gilbert, Dolly, Ike and many more come to party in Lone Star State. In preparation, condo management in Houston months ago began dusting off their hurricane prep plans, breaking out the supplies and reviewing everything for live event. There are a lot of moving parts in these plans and condo management in Houston knows what happens if you aren’t ready.

You know what, you better hope your condo management in Houston did that because we are live and our first visitor of the season, Harvey is bearing down on the Texas coast as we speak.

Quick List for Hurricane Prep for Harvey

So, what does condo management in Houston do to prep for a major storm? To answer that question, I went to my friends at RISE. Here’s what they do for prep:

  • Months ago, they pulled out their hurricane plan and began reviewing it with all their staff, so they could reiterate each staff members’ roll; identified backup for key positions and made sure everyone had the appropriate training.
  • They looked at their checklist for prepping a property for a storm. Most condo management in Houston should have the same things on this list, like:
  • Securing outside fixtures
  • Clearing drains and drainage paths
  • Placement of sandbags for flooding
  • Backup power supply for systems and fuel to keep it running
  • Trauma bags for injuries stocked
  • Supplies like water, flashlights, canned goods, etc. bought and stored
  • Resident communication and monitoring
  • They updated their list of emergency contacts for residents and for first responders, emergency command centers. In fact, some condo management in Houston actually set up their own staffed command centers to monitor their properties and take emergency calls from tenants.
  • Condo management in Houston is also making certain they have their Contingency Plan current, including other properties that can house residents in the event of damage that deems the property unlivable; offices for staff should they need to be housed offsite and alternate lines of communication for residents to reach them. They also will have accountability plans so they can report to officials if they have missing persons.

Condo management in Houston in action

The test is here, condo management in Houston is live now and probably in the final stages of prepping their properties for Harvey. Look around your property, do you see the signs of the items above being completed. If not, you may want to do a little prep now yourself. Information on this can be found at these websites:

      • What Houstonians Should Know About Hurricane Prep
      • Hurricane Prep Safety Checklist

Then, after the storm, find out more by about condo management in Houston from a company that is prepared and protecting your investment, RISE. Explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected]

To our friends and neighbors in Houston, and the condo management in Houston charged with their safety, our prayers are going out for you.

Preparing for severe weather is a Texas tradition. A tradition your condo management company should know by heart

Preparing for severe weather is a Texas tradition, because as the saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait a minute and it’ll change.” Those sometime erratic changes lead to excessive wind damage, flash flooding and tornados just to name a few. That is why your condo management company needs to know this tradition and the disaster protocol by heart. Remember this recent headline in Houston:

“Houston Swamped by Flooding; Cars Stranded, Dozens of Water Rescues Reported”

So, preparing for severe weather means keeping the trees trimmed, right?

If your condo management company thinks all they need to do is trim the trees in preparing for severe weather, then you may need a new management company. Trimming the trees is just a very small part of it all. Your management company should have a comprehensive risk management plan that includes preparing for severe weather, particularly flooding in areas like Houston where this is common. This two part plan also has a contingency side for after the event.

Just think back to past flooding in the Houston area, and the damage there was. Companies like RISE management protect you; they start their relationship with you by doing a comprehensive analysis of your property both financially and physically. That means, when preparing for severe weather, there is already a plan in place. Remember, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” It really is that simple.

What’s in a plan when preparing for severe weather?

Plans like these are three part:

  1. Financial-When preparing for severe weather, you need to know any financial implications are covered. These can includes making sure insurance is adequate and premiums are up to date. Money is allocated in the reserve fund or budget to address the cost of prepping the property prior to a disaster to protect it; as well as to clean up and maintain after the disaster.
  2. Pre-Event Planning-Preparing for severe weather in the pre-event stage can mean many things depending on the weather event. Severe wind it may mean securing items that can be dislodged by wind and cause physical damage; moving people from first floor units if there is concern over flooding; cleaning drains, boarding up windows, etc.
  3. Contingency Planning-Preparing for severe weather also includes contingency planning, what if the buildings are uninhabitable; how do you protect the belongings of the residents, where do they live, do you have resources out there. How soon can you get the insurance company in to review the damage and pay out. What things can be done prior to their arrival.

Where do I start in preparing for severe weather?

From a personal standpoint, there are numerous websites by local, state and federal government that tell you what to have on hand when preparing for severe weather. Items, like water, canned food, blanket, flashlights, cash, full tank of gas, etc. Here are a few to check out:

Give RISE a call and explore what RISE can do for you to help prepare for severe weather. You can visit their website at or request a quote by contacting RISE at (713) 936-9200 or [email protected]. Enjoy the Texas weather safely.

RISE is setting the bar in Houston condo management.

When you look at Houston condo management, there is one company that stands out above the rest; RISE Association Management Group. Their home page says it all, they sharpen your focus instead of dulling your experience. How do they make this happen? They focus on condo management only, specifically, Houston condo management.

Most condo management groups represent not just condos, but also single family homeowner’s associations. These are two completely different animals and require two completely difference approaches. It’s like this, you wouldn’t have your General Practitioner do heart surgery; so why trust your condo management to someone who provides broad and limited knowledge to multiple market sectors.

What does RISE provide in Houston condo management?

RISE Association Management Group provides management by starting with a staff that has extensive knowledge in multiple subject areas working in teams for your success.

RISE provides a comprehensive program in Houston condo management that includes:

  • CFO Insight Reporting
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Work Order Management Systems
  • Banking/Website Integration
  • Board/Owner Online Resources
  • Risk Management and Prevention
  • Effective Receivables/Collection Management
  • Compliance Enforcement

RISE can provide your Houston condo management maintenance.

We all know that there is more than the financial and administrative side to Houston condo management. For maintenance of common areas and facilities, RISE has a team of specialist that know facility management. They know how to spec, hire, perform and supervise your repairs and maintenance. They real beauty in this part of the RISE Houston condo management difference is you share those facility specialist, so the cost is spread over multiple properties, reducing cost for all. This is Houston condo management done right.

Management; focus and accountability.

Most Houston condo management provided by the broad spectrum guys only provide the status quo. You don’t know where they are starting because they provide no defined baseline. The result, there is no long-term focus and limited accountability. RISE is different when it comes to Houston. They start by evaluating not just your financial condition, but also your physical condition. It doesn’t stop there either, they work with you to define goals, identify weaknesses. The most important thing RISE provides condo management is accountability, with RISE on your side you always know where you stand financially and physically. Monthly reporting keeps you in the loop and provides real time data upping the accountability factor for RISE.

Give RISE a call today and begin your journey to complete Houston condo management. The number is 713.936.9200 or email us at [email protected]. Let RISE sharpen your focus without dulling your experience.