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Condo rules…the why, how and where of change

Starting a new year always means new resolutions and rules; your condo property isn’t any different, many boards will wait till the first of the year to implement new or revised condo rules. By having a designated period in which they make condo rule changes, it helps the residents to learn when and where to look so they can stay in compliance.

Why condo rules change

Many people wonder why condo rules must change at all; I mean, they should be fairly basic, right? Truth is, there are societal and operational changes happening daily and with that will come changes to condo rules. For instance, your condo rules may currently indicate that trash should be left by your door on Monday morning for pickup that day; if the trash day moves to Wednesday, the rule must change.

Changing some condo rules can go beyond affecting a single concern. Rules could create an even more dangerous and complex issue for residents. A recent example of this happened in Placer County, CA. One resident in a condo community was allowing people to live in their garage; with the garage door constantly being closed, it was hard for management to catch them breaking the rule that prohibited this. To remedy the situation, a new condo rule was written, and a notice sent out that everyone had to leave their garage door open from 8 am to 5 pm daily. Residents of course are up in arms due to privacy and security concerns. You can read the article here ( The consensus is, there has to be another way to address this random issue without endangering other residents.

My daddy always said, “Be careful when you say there ought to be a rule against that, because many times in protecting one, we endanger the masses.” Not sure where it came from, but it makes sense. Condo rules should not be altered to address what is basically an isolated instance with one or two problem residents.

Condo rules and public opinion

Another area to be careful about when making new condo rules is how they will be seen in the court of public opinion. You always have to be thinking about the resale of your property based on your public image. Sometimes public opinion is just a matter of how a rule is presented, it’s a very simple formula:

Identify the Issue-Explore Options-Make Rule-MARKET Condo Rule to Homeowners

Yep, you read that right, market the condo rule; when you release a new condo rule, homeowners should have a clear definition of what the problem was, the process you went through to arrive at your rule and the actual condo rule. They need to buy in and know you have their interest at heart. The same is true of the public. One HOA in Houston has taken a PR hit after they posted signs banning photography sessions on their grounds. ( Now there’s even a challenge to their legal right to do so.

Making condo rules-proceed with caution

If you are sitting on your condo association board, the best advice is to proceed with caution when making new rules or revising existing ones. Be sure the rule is being made because you are “Acting, not reacting.” Most condo rules made as a reaction with limited forethought become legal challenges in the future.

Be sure your condo rules clearly state the expectations and the whys for those expectation as well as the penalty for non-compliance. Even more importantly, communicate the changes in multiple forms for all residents. Many condo bylaws address how changes can and will be made; be sure you are aware of these. Final advice, before you announce your new rules, run them by your legal team and management team.

Want to know how to effectively manage your condo rule changes, check out RISE at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or

Surviving Harvey… Tips from RISE Association Management in Houston

The time for planning for #HurricaneHarvey is past; according to RISE association management in Houston it’s all about survival and what to do and what not to do now.

What to expect…

Anyone in association management in Houston will confirm that the greatest risk during these types of events are:
• Flooding
• Tornadoes
• Excessive wind

Association management in Houston suggest these steps to survive…

As you are hunkering down and the storm moves closer inland the rains will increase significantly and the wind will increase substantially. Best advice of association management in Houston, “Stay inside and monitor your weather radio.” People fail to realize that at 40 mph on a wet road, your car is no longer making solid contact with the road. They also fail to realize that it really doesn’t take much water running over a road to wash a vehicle away.

The wind isn’t just a danger while you’re in your vehicle, consider the danger getting to your vehicle. Simple objects become deadly projectiles as they are picked up by the wind and hurled here and there. Consider how bad you really need to leave.

Stay connected; keep your phone, tablet and portable computer charged. Remember, when these devices fail and they may during a hurricane, a battery-operated weather radio is a great investment. Many will lose power during this storm and staying aware of conditions is imperative to survival. These little inexpensive radios may very well be the most valuable purchase you will make. Don’t forget to have additional batteries.

Candles vs flashlights; they both serve a purpose in a storm according to association management in Houston. Save those flashlights for times when you need that blaring light to see, use candles for just safety lighting. The candles will most likely last longer and those batteries in that flashlight may come in valuable later.

Most important advice from association management in Houston is:

If you are told to evacuate, don’t argue, don’t take your time to google it, just GO!

By staying in a dangerous situation, you only endanger your life and that of the first responders who will have to go and rescue you. Seriously, the department of emergency management and your association management in Houston is not doing to suggest you evacuate unless it is really necessary.

After the storm passes…

After a hurricane passes, don’t be in a huge rush to get outside; dangers will be lurking from downed power lines, damaged building and roads, etc. Let your association management in Houston and the proper authorities get an assessment of the damage and dangers first.

Be a helper, don’t hinder recovery. In any disaster, according to association management in Houston you see the true heart of people; you see communities come together and people helping people recover. Be a helper, don’t hider the efforts by complaining. There are priorities to any recovery and if you don’t have the whole picture you don’t really know what is highest on the list. Listen and help.

Want to more about how association management in Houston prepares and protects you and your investment, call RISE. Explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or

To our friends and neighbors in Houston, and the association management in Houston charged with their safety, our prayers are going out for you.

Hurricane Prep for Harvey in Houston

Tis’ the season, for condo management in Houston… And I don’t mean Christmas. Hurricane prep season brings unwanted visitors like Gilbert, Dolly, Ike and many more come to party in Lone Star State. In preparation, condo management in Houston months ago began dusting off their hurricane prep plans, breaking out the supplies and reviewing everything for live event. There are a lot of moving parts in these plans and condo management in Houston knows what happens if you aren’t ready.

You know what, you better hope your condo management in Houston did that because we are live and our first visitor of the season, Harvey is bearing down on the Texas coast as we speak.

Quick List for Hurricane Prep for Harvey

So, what does condo management in Houston do to prep for a major storm? To answer that question, I went to my friends at RISE. Here’s what they do for prep:

  • Months ago, they pulled out their hurricane plan and began reviewing it with all their staff, so they could reiterate each staff members’ roll; identified backup for key positions and made sure everyone had the appropriate training.
  • They looked at their checklist for prepping a property for a storm. Most condo management in Houston should have the same things on this list, like:
  • Securing outside fixtures
  • Clearing drains and drainage paths
  • Placement of sandbags for flooding
  • Backup power supply for systems and fuel to keep it running
  • Trauma bags for injuries stocked
  • Supplies like water, flashlights, canned goods, etc. bought and stored
  • Resident communication and monitoring
  • They updated their list of emergency contacts for residents and for first responders, emergency command centers. In fact, some condo management in Houston actually set up their own staffed command centers to monitor their properties and take emergency calls from tenants.
  • Condo management in Houston is also making certain they have their Contingency Plan current, including other properties that can house residents in the event of damage that deems the property unlivable; offices for staff should they need to be housed offsite and alternate lines of communication for residents to reach them. They also will have accountability plans so they can report to officials if they have missing persons.

Condo management in Houston in action

The test is here, condo management in Houston is live now and probably in the final stages of prepping their properties for Harvey. Look around your property, do you see the signs of the items above being completed. If not, you may want to do a little prep now yourself. Information on this can be found at these websites:

      • What Houstonians Should Know About Hurricane Prep
      • Hurricane Prep Safety Checklist

Then, after the storm, find out more by about condo management in Houston from a company that is prepared and protecting your investment, RISE. Explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or

To our friends and neighbors in Houston, and the condo management in Houston charged with their safety, our prayers are going out for you.

Back to school for condo management in Houston.

It’s back to school for condo management in Houston, as companies like RISE, rise to the top with a new model for condominium management that is like no other. This multi-faceted team approach takes the level of service for your property to that A+ category.

Here’s the lessons for condo management in Houston:

  • Lesson 1: Clients shouldn’t have to pay for services by condo management that they will not use.
    • Case in point: not all properties need a full-time maintenance man. Condo management in Houston by RISE allows you to share services with other properties to lower your cost. This goes for professional services as well, such as legal and financial services; pay for what you use.
  • Lesson 2: For efficient condo management in Houston, you need to do your homework. Get up close and personal with the property you are managing. You can’t plan long term with an incomplete picture.
    • When RISE takes your condo property on the first thing they do is a full assessment both fiscally and physically. For condo management in Houston to be successful, you need to do your homework; you need to know where you are starting in terms of finance and physical plant.
  • Lesson 3: Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail; this is very true in condo management in Houston. You must take what you have learned in lesson 2, analyze and complete lesson 3.
    • RISE in Houston takes the data collected in lesson 2 and helps your board set short term and long-term goals. Want a quick idea of how important this is? Ask any condo owner how important a reserve fund is and you’ll quickly understand the significance.
  • Lesson 4: Do one thing and do it well; like condo management.
    • When RISE came on the scene with condo management in Houston, they did one thing that no one else was doing at the time: they specialized instead of diversifying. They made a conscious decision to do one thing and do it well: condo management.
  • Lesson 5: Only hire the very best professionals in their field and allow them to do their job.
    • Very simply stated, you will not get the best results for condo management in Houston unless you hire the very best and brightest professionals in their respective fields. Don’t ask your onsite manager to be an accountant; don’t ask your maintenance man to do the work of the onsite manager. Condo management in Houston takes many layers of professionals if you want it done right, and RISE has that solution.

Feeling schooled now in what to look for when hiring condo management in Houston. If you still have questions, that’s understandable, condo management is a complex process. Find out more by about condo management in Houston from the company that’s schooling them all, RISE. Explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or

Keeping you out of trouble… Your choice of condo association property management makes a difference.

Who’s keeping you out of trouble when it comes to condo association property management? What kind of trouble? Here’s just a few:

  • Shortages in the reserve fund
  • Lawsuits due to misinterpretation of the CRRs or perceived discrimination when rules are applied
  • Non-collected monthly fees or assessments
  • Maintenance issues that can lead to lawsuits for injury or large assessments for repairs due to neglect
  • Loss of value due to lack of financial stability

The list goes on and on….

What to look for in condo association property management

When reviewing condo association property management there are specific things you should be looking at. Smart shoppers in Houston start with companies like RISE; this is a one stop approach that specializes in nothing but condo association property management has all the services you need under one roof. It’s a whole new model of condo association property management.

Shortages in the reserve funds are the result of not planning in most cases. First thing a top of the line condo association property management company does is completes a reserve fund study. You must know the status of your critical infrastructure to plan. Companies like RISE look at your property both physically and fiscally to create a road map for the future.

A great legal team, versed in CRR’s is essential to keeping you out of court or at minimum winning in court. Most condo association property management require you to keep an additional lawyer on retainer; at RISE, the legal experts are on staff and well versed in condo CRRs; from interpretation to defending them and applying them evenly to keep you out of court.

Uncollected dues and assessments can literally put any property into ruin. The condo association property management company must provide an easy process for owners and tenants to pay or access reconciled accounts with minimal notice. There also must be an avenue that makes those processes and the consequences of delinquency clear. Companies like RISE in Houston have systems to put in place that are tested and work. Limited delinquencies and assessments help to boost financial stability.

Finally, condo association property management should provide not just daily maintenance, but long-term maintenance and planned improvement projects, that include upgrades to critical infrastructure within the common areas. When companies like RISE come in, they identify a timeline for all critical infrastructure and a plan for replacement or major repairs. They also provide daily maintenance as needed to keep your property free of risk that are just part of everyday living.

Still think your condo association property management is keeping you out of trouble?

If you don’t think your condo association property management is keeping you out of trouble, explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or

Secret to a property management in Houston – A sound management team

Want to know the about the secret life of property management in Houston? It could be a mini-series because it has a cast of several to make certain your property management is the complete package. So, what makes up a property management team and why?

It starts with the assessment team for property management in Houston

So, property management in Houston and everywhere else should start with an assessment. It’s that kind of getting to know you phase between the property management company and the physical property.

At RISE in Houston, that mean bringing in the maintenance specialist, the accountant and the strategic planning specialist. Yes, you heard right, for property management in Houston, RISE says it takes a team and these are just a few of the front-end team members. This is the courting phase for your property and the management company. The purpose: as any property management should tell you, is to determine what it takes to take the property to the next level and manage the process completely.

Your onsite team for property management is just as important

Truth be told, your onsite property management in Houston is just as important as the guys that are on the sideline in the management company main office. You see, to be successful in property management, you must have a competent onsite team that relates well with the owners and tenants, that includes a maintenance crew that is staying on top of the day to day. At RISE, they tailor the services you need with top of the line professionals from property management in Houston. Don’t need a full-time maintenance man; then share one with another property. Don’t want a full -time onsite manager, let someone like RISE in Houston find a solution that works for you.

The final players on your team for property management in Houston?

The service from most property management ends with the above, but RISE in Houston, well, they simply RISE above the rest. You see, in the background for total property management in Houston, you need a legal team to interpret documents and defend your position; CPA’s who can provide up to date financial information and drive your values up; long-range risk assessment teams, who work endlessly to provide course corrections as needed and help you avoid unplanned assessments.

What’s the secret life of property management in Houston all about?

The secret life of property management in Houston can be summed up in one word, RISE. You deverser to the completed package and RISE is just that. Find out more about property management in Houston, get info from people who live it every day, explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea…residential property management

Residential property management; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it’s one of those jobs that takes a very special person; and that’s still not completely right. Reality is, it takes a lot of special people with very special skills to successfully manage residential properties. Where most property management companies go wrong is they try to short staff, so as the old saying goes their employees become “jacks of all trades and a master of none”. Is that really who you want taking care of your residential property management. Let’s look at what it takes to perform residential property management.

The job: residential property management

What is the job, residential property management? Here are just a few of the basic expectations for any residential property management firm, the basics:

  • Marketing of the property to perspective tenants
  • Leasing, which includes:
    • Qualifying tenants
    • Background checks
    • Lease preparation and move-in/move-out walk throughs and instructions
    • Collection of rents/assessments/late fees
  • RFQs including vetting of vendors/contracts/contractors
  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • Security
  • Repairs and maintenance both long and short term
  • Project management
  • Mediator
  • Strategic planning for short and long terms goals
  • Knowledge of local/state and federal lease laws
  • Interpretation of regulations and laws both internal and external and their enforcement
  • Legal representation as needed
  • And the list goes on and on and on…

Starting to look like more than one person to you too; in fact, is it starting to look like more than 3 or 4 people? When RISE opened its’ doors in Houston they looked at residential property management and decided, just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an incredible number of very specialized, very talented individuals for successful residential property management.

Comparing residential property management

If you’re shopping for property management, take time to become familiar with the expectations you and your fellow owners/tenants may have. Not all properties are the same, not all have the same needs. More importantly, consider if a company that only employs a small team for your property management is really the best decision in terms of fiscal and physical security.

If I’m honest, I’ll share a secret here, the folks at RISE have developed a residential management model that is phenomenal and it is right for everyone! Not only do they cover everything on the list and more, but they do it by allowing you to tailor your plan and share resources with other properties in your area, cutting your cost significantly. The RISE model is the Cadillac of residential property management.

Want to know more about what to expect from residential property management, get info from people who do it every day, explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or

No more fear in condominium association management in Houston

We’re going to explore a past fear. I want you to think back to when you purchased your condo, did you have some angst over the condo association management in Houston? Did you worry about getting locked into a nightmare of random assessments and escalating association fees? Did you wonder what condominium association management in Houston would do in terms of rules? Of course, you did; and for some of you, (probably the ones reading this article) you are wondering where to find the right condominium association management in Houston.

There’s a new condominium association management in Houston

Well cowboy, (I’ve always wanted to say that) there’s a new game in town and they’re changing the way business is done in condominium association management in Houston. RISE, has captivated the Houston market when they opened, bringing with them a new model for condominium association management in Houston.

What’s the difference?

When you look at condominium association management in Houston, you quickly find out one thing, most companies that perform this task, also manage HOAs and various other types of associations as well. At RISE, they decided it was time to do one thing and do it right, so, they decided to only work with condominium associations. Wow, specializing in a time of diversity, what a concept. The real concept here however is, do one thing and do is exceptionally well, and that is condominium association management in Houston.

RISE also has the entire realm of expertise on staff needed to successfully manage a condominium association. Their model allows you to share these individuals with other properties and reduce your cost. So, you have experts in everything from legal and finance to daily operations and project management at your disposal and you’re only paying for what you use. Like I said, they are bringing condominium association management in Houston to a whole new level.

One of the most unique items they bring to condominium association management in Houston is the way they begin their relationship with your property. They come in and immediately do a fiscal and physical assessment of your property. They help you create a solid plan and then they help you chart a course of implementation with checkpoints to keep you on track. This is what condominium association in Houston and everywhere should be like.

Real estate is one of the largest investments we make in our lifetime, shouldn’t we insist on management by someone is sets the bar in condominium association management in Houtson. If your property needs a change, check out RISE. Explore the RISE difference at or request a quote by contacting RISE at (713) 936-9200 or Condominium association management in Houston that increases your value and living experience daily.

Great property managers; why settle for adequate?

Riddle me this, why would anyone settle for adequate in anything when you could have great? I’m always perplexed when people ask me for a recommendation and say, “…they don’t have to be great, just adequate will do.” Really? In this case, this is your home or investment property; trust me, you want great property managers! Plain and simple.

So, what do great property managers look like? Let’s examine that, then you decide.

Great property managers: Quality number 1

Great property managers know your property inside and out. They know it fiscally and physically. Even more importantly they know it culturally so they know what you and the other residents expect. Adequate property managers have an onsite manager who is doing it all so time is limited to really get to know the property, there is much more of a tendency toward react rather than act.

Great property manager: Quality number 2

They are fully staffed in every discipline that is needed for successful management of your property. Great property managers like RISE in Houston, have created a property management model that concentrates on condos only and allows for shared resources. You have all the expertise at your call, but your cost is shared by other properties. Everything from onsite managers, maintenance employees, accountants, lawyers, project managers, financial planners and everything in between. You’re always covered by great property managers. Adequate property managers usually consist of teams of 2 to 3 people who are broadly versed in numerous subject areas.

Great property manager: Quality number 3

Great property managers know what you need to protect your investment. Great property managers take reserve fund studies one step further and combine the knowledge of the project managers, maintenance managers and financial managers to do a full fiscal and physical review. They help you plan, drawing on market knowledge from every area. Great property managers help you avoid surprise assessments. Adequate property managers in most cases don’t know what a reserve fund is, nor do they know how one is arrived upon, so assessments are a ways of life.

Great property manager: Quality number 4

Great property managers have professionally trained staff who are experts in their subject areas. Their core value is to provide impeccable customer service at every level of the organization. They have can do everything from providing reports to reconcile individual accounts to providing legal interpretation of your rules and regulations. The adequate property manager has limited staff trying to be experts in everything and still run your property.

Now, you tell me, are you going to be happy with an adequate property manager or are you going to protect your investment and your sanity by hiring a great property manager like RISE in Houston.

Let RISE show you what great property managers work like but putting their progressive association management group model to work for you. Explore the RISE difference at or request a quote by contacting RISE at (713) 936-9200 or Condominium management that increases your value and living experience daily. Check here for more about quality property managers.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T …. Saying thanks from the management association shows what your tenants/renters mean to you.

When you show thanks from the management association, why do you do it? Are you just saying thanks from the management association because of a long- standing habit drilled into you by your parents or do you understand that it is a sign of RESPECT? After this article, I think you will see “Thank You” in a whole different way, and you’ll understand why companies like RISE in Houston get it, thanks from the management association is incredibly powerful because it shows I respect our relationship.

Relationships with tenants/renters are built on respect and coming up with to say thanks from the management association says more value you put on these relationships. A show of thanks from the management association helps build or break the client bond.

Creative shows of thanks from the management association

We all have them, those tenants/renters that are just so perfect that you can’t help but compare every other to them. They always pay on time, call in maintenance items before they become a 911, keep the property immaculate, improve the landscaping or interior and never complain. They’ve lived in the unit forever, just model clients. Question is how can you say, “Thank You” so they know you appreciate and respect them.

Here’s a few ideas from my friends at RISE to show thanks from the management association:

  • Say “Thank You” around the holidays with 10% off their December rent/HOA fees-Budget for it.
  • Say “Thank You” with a gift card to a local restaurant once a year
  • Say “Thank You” by upgrading something on the property (on the rental side, this can be used as a thank you when you are near the term of the lease and looking towards renewal).
  • Say “Thank You” by keeping rent increases minimal; good tenants can be hard to find
  • Say “Thank You” by sending cards on birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

A genuine show of thanks from the management association goes a long way, say thanks with actions

Now while all the above ideas are great and would truly be appreciated as a show of thanks from the management association, it is also important to remember that your actions speak volumes. Say “Thank You” to your tenants/renters by treating them respectfully. My father use to tell me we treat people the way we wish to be treated, it’s the Golden Rule. Trust me, in business it is most definitely the Golden Rule and if you break it often enough you’ll have nothing but coal.

When you make your tenants/renters feel important and engaged, you are saying “Thank You” and I appreciate you and our business relationship. Another great show of thanks from the management association may is engagement. Planning on changing up the pool area? Get input from your tenants/renters, let them know their voice matters.

Finally, be aware of the tempo of your community, be seen. I worked for a gentleman who said he practiced MBWA-Management by Walking Around. He knew that making people feel appreciated meant talking to them one on one and being approachable. That same gentleman also made a concerted effort to say, “Thank You” and celebrate successes with his staff, that’s why he was respected and that’s why people loved working for him. When you are engaging daily and being seen, that is a thanks from the management association that says I’m one of you and I’m here to make it the best with your help.

Want to know more about how to say thanks from the management association to your tenants/renters and business associates from people who do it every day, explore the RISE difference at or contact RISE at (713) 936-9200 or