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Thinking about high rise condo living… Houston high rise association management companies weigh in.

Downtown workers are flocking to high rise condo living, but Houston high rise association management companies caution you; not everyone is cut out for this lifestyle. If you are one of the lucky ones that is, it can be a fun and active lifestyle. The pro, the cons from Houston high rise association management, RISE […]

Scheduled Water Release from Major Houston Dams

There are concerns about the scheduled water releases from major House Dams in an effort to help prevent uncontrollable flooding in the Houston-metropolitan area cause by torrential rain from Tropical Strom Harvey, the Army Corps of Engineers begins to release water from the Addicks and Barker reservoirs. Rise Association Management Group prepares for what might […]

Harvey Insurance Claims Head Start

Get a head start on Harvey insurance claims for your community Houston area condominium owners and HOA’s are still not clear from the flooding aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey; however, Rise Association Management Group recommends getting started early on filing Harvey insurance claims for any known losses. John Elmore, Managing Partner for Rise Association Management […]

Hurricane Prep for Harvey in Houston

Tis’ the season, for condo management in Houston… And I don’t mean Christmas. Hurricane prep season brings unwanted visitors like Gilbert, Dolly, Ike and many more come to party in Lone Star State. In preparation, condo management in Houston months ago began dusting off their hurricane prep plans, breaking out the supplies and reviewing everything […]

Keeping you out of trouble… Your choice of condo association property management makes a difference.

Who’s keeping you out of trouble when it comes to condo association property management? What kind of trouble? Here’s just a few: Shortages in the reserve fund Lawsuits due to misinterpretation of the CRRs or perceived discrimination when rules are applied Non-collected monthly fees or assessments Maintenance issues that can lead to lawsuits for injury […]