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Condominium infrastructure feels weight of market pressures

Condominiums are not only a functional but beautiful solution to the housing need within Houston and Texas’s city centers that serve everyone from the young professional to the retiree. They provide an equity building vehicle for their owners and are some of Houston’s most renowned and iconic architecture. They serve a vital part of the […]

Preventing Disaster in Your High Rise Condominium

In the aftermath of the Champlain Towers South building collapse, high-rise condominiums across the nation want to learn how they can help prevent similar tragedies from happening. Many are quietly reflecting on the similarities their own buildings share and the challenges in addressing them. While much is still unknown about the exact cause of the […]

Condominiums Crumble Under Market Pressures

Condominium boards across Texas are quietly reflecting on the parallels between their own Associations and those of the now collapsed Champlain Towers South Condominiums. What has surfaced of a frustrated Board, an abrupt change in association leadership, sparing with the membership, a funds shortfall, and infrastructure worsening by the day paints a picture that could […]